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How To Take Pictures After A Wreck
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Taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle and of your injuries is key to getting your case settled for fair value. Without pictures, it’s your word against the person that caused the wreck. Without pictures, the jury will have to decide who to believe, and the attorney for the insurance company will try to make the jury believe that you’re a liar. Without pictures, the jury may think that you’re hiding something since it would have been so easy to take pictures with your cell phone.

What pictures should you take? First and foremost, the pictures of your vehicle should be aimed toward the damaged area, and should show a good bit of the vehicle in addition to the damaged area. Likewise, pictures of the scene of the accident should show enough of the road so that someone can tell where the wreck happened. If there are skid marks, try to be sure that you get them in the picture. If you need to take close-ups of something, be sure and take a larger picture with that same thing in it so that people can see the thing in context as well as close up.

The pictures of you need to show enough of you so that people can easily see where you are hurt. Pictures of your entire back are much better than a close-up of a bruise on your back. And it will save everyone embarrassment if you cover private areas unless they are the site of your injury.

You should get the pictures right away. Cars get fixed or towed away never to be seen again, and traffic and weather quickly erase skid marks from the highway. The same goes for your injuries. Take pictures before your bruises start to heal, and take pictures again if you have to have surgery.

In summary, if you get good pictures of the damage to the car, of the scene of the wreck, and of your injuries, your case is more likely to settle without going to court. So don’t be shy about getting the pictures that you need to tell your story. And if you do have to go to court, it is a lot easier to simply show the court a picture than it is to have to explain what things looked like weeks or months ago.

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