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Compensation for Future Medical Expenses
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In North Carolina, in addition to the medical expenses that you already have, you’re entitled to payment for any future reasonably-anticipated accident-related medical expenses. Reasonably foreseeable medical expenses include but are not limited to any visit you will need to make to the doctor in the future, any future surgery, and any future drugs or medication.

In order to know whether you will have any future medical expenses related to your wreck, you need to ask your healthcare provider. If you will have future medical expenses related to the accident, you will need to figure out how much those are going to be. Sometimes, this is a simple thing. For instance, if you have to take an aspirin every day as a result of your wreck related medical bills, you can go to the North Carolina mortality tables and it will tell you your life expectancy based on your current age. You can find the mortality tables at the North Carolina Statutes Section 8 – 46.

Once you know the number of years that you expect to live, you can multiply that by 365 to get the number of days you’re expected to live and then multiply that number by the cost of one aspirin. The cost of an aspirin is not very much, but if the medication you’re taking costs $10 a day, that adds up fast. If you’ll have to visit your doctor every month for the rest of your life, simply figure out what the cost of a doctor visit is and multiply that times 12 (for the number of months), then multiply that sum by the number of years in the life expectancy table.

If you’re going to have to have additional surgery, that’s a little more tricky. You have to first find out how much the doctor will charge for the surgery, how much the hospital will charge for the surgery, how much the anesthetist will charge for the surgery, and whether you will need any postsurgical care and what the cost of that will be. You should also take a look at how inflation increases medical costs. It is more than regular inflation.

When you calculate your future medical expenses, make sure not to leave anything out. Even seemingly small things like one pill a day can add up.

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