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Recovering For Permanent Injuries
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If a careless driver has permanently injured you in a car wreck in North Carolina, then you may be entitled to recover for the lifetime value of that injury. If the doctors do everything they can for you but tell you that you will have a disability or pain for the rest of your life, the value of that case is very different from one where you fully recover. If your disability reduces your capacity to earn an income, you are entitled to recover for the difference between the amount that you could have earned if you could have worked to retirement age, and the amount of money that you otherwise could have earned. To figure out how to calculate that, please see the video on future lost wages. Likewise, to get an idea of the compensation you should receive for permanent pain and suffering, please see the video on pain and suffering.

If you have a permanent injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you should consider any settlement very carefully. If you sign a general release, whatever you get at that time is probably all you will ever get from the person who caused the wreck or their insurance company. If you are in this situation, I will talk to you about your case for free. But, regardless of whether or not you talk to me, you should talk to a lawyer that concentrates in personal injury claims before you settle your case. If your injury is going to cause you pain for a lifetime, don’t let the insurance company bully you into taking less compensation that you deserve.

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